Design & Features

When it comes to your business, company, or service, you must do everything to expand your audience and reach. MediaTees will help guide those individuals, who want and need your product or service, to your online sites.

Proprietary Design & Layout

Media Prints & Tees has designed the perfect vehicle to promote your brand and identity along with your social media links.

We create and utilize promotional products, apparel and more to advertise your sites. Every design shows the social media icons along with your logos and is a great way for you to create buzz around your brand.

We offer clean and modern designs and deliver your marketing message to the masses. We strive to connect with the customers needed to ensure additional traffic, exposure and ultimately sales. Our products and designs are chic, elegant, and perfectly executed to position your message in the best light possible.

Patented Design & Layout

MediaTees unique design and flexible layout lends itself nicely for use in self promotions, retail sales and promotional giveaways. We are able to fully customize the design layout and social media links to your specifications.

Our patent covers the use of any social media link and icon, old or new, placed on apparel and promotional products. This allows us to effectively use your logos, icons and links to imprint onto apparel and other promotional products used to promote your social media efforts. We strongly believe that this will work wonders for your business and is ideal for new product launches, recruitment drives, student offerings and more.

We also have the option to use a QR Code to be printed within your design. The QR Code can either be stagnant or dynamic. A stagnant link will direct the consumer to the same webpage, like your home page or Facebook page. A dynamic link will allow us to direct the consumer to a different page, daily, weekly, monthly or annually as directed by you.

Skyrocket your Social Media Profiles Offline

Increase your visibility with the help of MediaTees and direct your customers online. As a result, your traffic will soar!

Great for offline marketing

MediaTees will promote your online social media sites with the use of our offline promotional products and apparel. Our products serve as a powerful tool to attract new followers and increase your social reach and engagement.

Clean and modern designs

Our graphic design team will create a unique, custom design that best represents your brand and promotes your online social network. With our creative design team, it’s possible to showcase your brand and culture with a new and attractive design to attract your target market and increase brand awareness.

Gain more followers and likes:

The use of promotional products and apparel is an easy and inexpensive way increase impressions and gain additional followers and likes. Increase your online social presence and reputation with promotional products and apparel from Media Print and Tees.

Launch your social media profile offline

Whether you are new to the social media scene or an early adopter, MediaTees will create the perfect promotional products to enhance your launch and promote your campaign. Both new and current followers will appreciate the unique and non-traditional way of promoting your brand and web presence.

MediaTees Customer Service Guarantee

With fast delivery and experienced staff, it is safe to say that we care about your brand as much as you do and we are here to help and support you every step of the way.